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5 Ways to Rediscover YOU While Surrounded by Diapers, Milk, and a Sea of Fatigue

I am honored to have been invited to contribute to the “Awesome Tips for New Moms Series” over at Purple Leaves, Red Cherries: Revealing Motherhood, with my guest post, “5 Ways to Rediscover YOU While Surrounded by Diapers, Milk, and a Sea of Fatigue.”

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is a stunning book by Tania Elfersy and Andrea Katzman, and illustrated by Nomi Melul Ohad.  It is a poignantly written and beautifully illustrated gift for mothers around the world.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

It is filled with short (very short, as new moms have very little time to read) tales written by real women, sharing raw emotional tidbits that really capture the journey that is becoming a mother.  The trailer had me laughing out loud.

As if the book wasn’t enough, Tania has carried her passion forward by creating the “Awesome Tips for New Moms” series, continuing to share wisdom, advice, musings, and more for new moms from a variety of talented contributors.

I am so thrilled to be one of them.

Check out my piece, “5 Ways to Rediscover YOU While Surrounded by Diapers, Milk, and a Sea of Fatigue” and leave a comment.

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From Putting it Off to Crossing it Off – Tackle Your TO-DO List Once and For All

With the kids back in school, the holidays coming up, and Summer already behind us, there’s a lot of stuff you’d like to accomplish this Fall. The to-do list keeps getting longer, and it feels like the days just get shorter and shorter.  And in fact, they do, right? And let’s be honest.  Some of […]

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A Thank You Note to My Ladies

To all the boys I love and have loved before.  Thank you.  Thank you for the memories, the fun, the love.  Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with me. But this one’s for the girls. My team. Stacy Francis, for structuring your financial advising business to be fee-only so we don’t have […]

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Your Reinvention: Why You Might Want to Keep it to Yourself for Now

Last week I received an email from a new friend – someone who subscribes to my newsletter – asking a very good question.  I thought I would answer it in this week’s post as it pertains to many of us.  She said, “Hi Stacy, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 3 years now.  I kinda […]

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The Flip Side of Start Before You’re Ready

You think you want it.  I mean, you’re pretty sure you do.  At least everyone else thinks you want it. Actually, they kinda take it for granted that you want it.  They assume someone in your situation would want it. All objective signs say now is the time for you to go ahead and get […]

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How to Get Your Peeps to Embrace the New YOU (without defending yourself or alienating anyone)

You’ve committed to yourself and you’ve made a major effort to really do it this time.  You got your butt into gear, and you’re so excited to be moving forward after putting it off for so long. After marinating on what you SHOULD do for weeks, months, maybe even years, you’ve FINALLY stepped up to […]

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Coming out as an “Einstein Mom”

Has anyone ever asked you if you were an Einstein Mom?  Is that a title you would happily identify with? In today’s video blog, I share with you my thoughts on the whole “Einstein Mom” thing… how there’s really no such thing, and I tell you what kind of Mom I actually am.  If that […]

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The Living Room Can Wait

I’m sitting on my couch with a pile of clean laundry on the coffee table needing to be put away, a sink full of dishes waiting for their turn in the dishwasher, and various toys, a plasma car, mismatched crocs, and Magna-tiles all scattered about throughout the room. I wish I could say this is […]

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Skin Cancer and Me – our 1st Anniversary, and My Gift to You

On the first day of the little man’s camp, as I was putting a bottle of sunscreen in his cubby for reapplication during the day, I was told by his teacher/counselor that I couldn’t leave the sunscreen because (a) some children may try to eat it, and (b) the teachers are not permitted to put […]

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Stay-at-Home Mom with No Time to Figure Out What You Want to Do Next? Start here.

Do you ever feel that even though you totally love your kids, there must be something more for you in this life?  Have you ever felt secretly jealous of your friends who went right back to work after maternity leave even though you made the conscious choice to resign from your pre-pregnancy job? Does the […]

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5 Blunders You May Be Committing to Make Your Re-entry Into the Workforce Even Harder

When I first decided it was time to reinsert myself into the outside working world, even though I had only stepped off the career track for one year, it was still very overwhelming. Daunting, even. Cocktail parties and networking events weren’t quite what they used to be. (See The Mom Identity Crisis for more on […]

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The Most Important Thing Every New Mom Needs that Costs Nothing

Throughout your first pregnancy, you’re still one of the girls. You may not be able to drink, or stay out as late, but you’re still in the gang. Then, the baby comes. You’re home on maternity leave. Your friends are at work. Your spouse or partner is likely at work too. Chances are your friends […]

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How to Embrace the Bully Inside

You’re not ready yet. You don’t have the right credentials. You’re not good with money. You’re lazy. You’re not a self-starter. You’re not disciplined enough. You don’t deserve it. You’re not cool enough. You don’t have the goods. It’s, like, impossible to get published/quoted/a job in that industry/viewers/clients. That’s a bad idea. Who do you […]

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A Beautiful Blogger Award!

Hmm, it appears I’ve been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award!  Applause!  Excitement!  Roof raising!  Woot woot!  Boegem family dance party in the house!  Yes. Thank you to Marie Overfors for her generosity in listing Stacy’s Soap Box as a nominee for this award!  In accepting this nomination, it is my duty and pleasure to […]

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The Mom Identity Crisis

I was someone before I had my son.  Once I became a mom, who was I other than my little man’s mom?  And was I going to become “someone” again?  And if so, who?  Or what?  And how?  And when? After the little man entered my life, I discovered pretty quickly that my legal career, […]

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Are You Truly Free?

As a kid, one could have reasonably concluded I was either lazy or didn’t like reading, because every year that my school assigned mandatory Summer reading, I refused to crack any of the books on the list. If you know me, you know that lazy isn’t an attribute that particularly applies to me. And as […]

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I’m a Great Mom

Last year, when we were living in NYC, I was one of two class moms for my little man’s preschool class.  In other words, I was one of the “from” addresses in your inbox nagging you to volunteer or bring in money for the latest school event or class gift. This year, I’m one of […]

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Happiness is a Choice

I have an old friend from law school who had a term for people who – when asked how things were going – always said things were simply fabulous no matter what the circumstances were in their lives.  We had a classmate who – even if she was going through a difficult break-up, or didn’t […]

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There is No Such Thing as Rejection

Hi Peeps!  This week we’re talking about how our negative thoughts lead to our negative feelings, which then inform our actions… So I encourage you in this vlog to witness those negative thought patterns and consider how you can change them to allow a better outcome for yourself.  When we retrain our minds to a […]

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Don’t Be the Type!

Hi Guys!  This week we’re talking about moving out of our comfort zones and trying something NEW!  Stop saying you’re not the TYPE to do something, and instead give that something a shot – you never know what a little new adventure, a little risk might attract into your life.  And even if it’s not […]

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The Happiness Agenda

Happy Mardi Gras, people!  In today’s vlog, I announce lots of exciting developments going on around here.  I’m super psyched to be taking things to the next level, and really appreciate all of your support!  Please check out the vlog, and then click over to the new facebook page and click me a “Like”!  https://www.facebook.com/TheHappinessAgenda […]

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Go Get ‘Em, Self!

Hi Guys!  In this week’s vlog, I share with you three tips for giving yourself a great pep talk when you’re feeling nervous going into an event, whether it be a job interview, a date, a networking function, a speaking gig, or even a new mom playgroup.  When you don’t have someone to call for […]

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Forgive Yourself!

Hi Guys!  This week’s vlog is all about forgiving yourself when you haven’t done what you said you were going to do, because it’s not until you forgive yourself that you’ll be released from that negativity and then be able to go forth and conquer.  The irony is, as you’ll see in the video, I […]

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Start BEFORE You’re Ready!

Hi Guys!  I’m back for my second VLOG – yay!  This one is about starting to work toward your goal, your project, your new endeavor – BEFORE you are ready.  Yes, BEFORE you are ready.  We too often wait until our circumstances change, till we get a raise, till Monday, till our house is clean […]

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Start Your Day Over

Hello Friends and Happy New Year! After a year of major transition, it feels great to be in 2012.  I have set some wonderful intentions for myself, one of which is to kick off my weekly video blog series!  I hope you find this first installment helpful!  In this vlog, I offer you a handy […]

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From Judging to Loving – A Welcome Shift on Today’s Flight

We’re en route to San Francisco right now, a six-hour flight, and my niece who recently turned two is having a hard time settling down.  It’s a scene with which we’re all familiar.  My brother and my sister-in-law brought a huge bag of tricks.  The endless supply of snacks, activities, Dora episodes, you name it.  […]

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My Transition is in Transition!

Well, folks, we did it. The Boegem family up and left New York City and has landed in Hollywood, Florida. Some still seem to be in shock at news of this event. The transitions coach, yours truly, has undertaken such a massive transition that I’ve been feeling like my transition is in transition, if that’s […]

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I Showed Up for my Relaunch, and My Career Showed Up for Me

Today, I am the featured guest blogger for iRelaunch on Yahoo Shine!  Check it out HERE, and don’t forget to leave a comment! Update: Pasted below is the full text of the post. When I resigned from my law firm, my little guy was a mere 2 months old, and I was supposed to be […]

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Tapping Into My Mojo on the Floor

I spent the last weekend in July at Kripalu. Kripalu is a center for yoga and health in the Berkshire mountains. I have never been to a retreat, or a workshop of this sort, nor have I ever been much of a yogi. But I was so meant to be at that retreat. I was […]

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In Gratitude of My Rockin’ Bod

I am healthy, and I am feeling great.  All follow-up biopsies have come back clean.  That’s right, baby. Thank you for your support, your kinds words of sympathy and empathy, your stories, your care and your love.  So many readers and friends left comments, sent me personal emails, reached out through facebook, even through linkedin.  […]

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From this Day Forward

On Friday, July 1, I got a phone call from my dermatologist telling me I had melanoma. That was 8 days ago. Since that call, life has been quite a whirlwind. Everything feels different, and all I want is for everything to feel the same. The day before was my 35th birthday. It was wonderful. […]

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Good Mom, Meet Successful Career Woman

Recently I attended a  workshop led by Lissa Rankin, M.D. (www.owningpink.com) where the topic was “Get Out of Your Own Way”.  Dr. Rankin went around the circle and asked each of us – what is our “Limiting Belief” – in other words, what is that self-talk that gets in the way of us accomplishing what […]

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Don’t Judge a Mom by her Stroller

In downtown Manhattan, 2008, the stroller to get was the Bugaboo – particularly the Bugaboo Chameleon. So I went out of my way to avoid getting the Bugaboo. I’ve always fancied myself an individual – you know, someone who walked to the beat of her own drum – so surely I’d find something cool and […]

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New Mom Friend Wanted

Once my son was about 2-3 months old, I decided it was time to make a new friend in the neighborhood – someone who also had a new baby – so I’d have someone to chat with, have coffee with, and generally spend time with during my days at home on maternity leave.  I’ve never […]

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